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      We are everything about Running!
      Running Lab India is a specialty running store retailing technically advanced running apparel, equipment and footwear. Staffed by sports trainers and experienced runners, we provide assistance to match the right shoe to your foot type and gait, helping to maximise your running performance and reduce risks of injuries. Our facilities include an in-house treadmill for gait analysis, as well as to allow customers to put their shoes to the test before deciding if the pair of shoes they're wearing are truly the right pair for them. We deal with leading international brands of footwear, apparel and accessories to suit all running enthusiasts.
      To cater to the growing needs of the running community across India, we have embarked on this e-store initiative. We would still recommend a store visit to receive expert advise and recommendation if you are not sure which shoe would fit your running needs. However, if you know the brand, the model and the size, go ahead and take the plunge! This e-store has all the goodies that you will anyway find in our store.
      Happy running!